May 25, 2016

Partner Program

1-800-locksmithMemorable 1-800 numbers have a recall rate 9 times higher than numeric toll free numbers.  What does this mean for you?

With over 20,000 locksmiths in the country, it can be difficult to differentiate your business. Memorable phone numbers give credibility to your business and get the phone ringing. Just like there’s only one 1-800-Flowers and one 1-800-Mattress, there’s only one 1-800-Locksmith and we offer exclusive licensing for your area. Are you able to recall another phone number when you want to buy flowers or a mattress? We find that being a partner of 1-800-Locksmith more than pays for itself. 1-800-Locksmith was founded by local marketing experts that know exactly how to get traffic to a website and the phones ringing.

✓ More Calls

1-800-Locksmith is easy to remember, resulting in calls which would otherwise be lost from those customers who are not able or willing to write down a phone number when they hear it.

✓ Instant Credibility

Consumers prefer 1-800 numbers to local numbers because they are synonymous with customer satisfaction. When you’re paying for the call, the consumer knows that you will have a knowledgeable sales person answering the phone.

✓ Better ROI on Advertising

Memorable 1-800 numbers increase the return on your advertising, drawing calls from people who would normally first call a competitor down the street from them.

✓ Increased Campaign Life

Memorable 1-800 numbers become imprinted in a prospect’s memory. Long after a campaign is completed, 1-800-Locksmith will continue to produce calls.

What’s included?

  • Exclusive rights to routing from callers in your area to 1-800-Locksmith
  • A reporting dashboard to monitor call logs
  • A profile page on
  • Email forwarding from or
  • Option to do business as “1-800-Locksmith (your city name)” under your current business
  • Right to use 1-800-Locksmith phone number and logo on website, signage, and marketing collateral

Optional Packages:

  • Creation or management of listings on Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, among others
  • Search engine optimization on major search engines
  • Review monitoring for your directory listings
  • Weekly performance reports
  • Management of advertising on Google, Bing, and Yahoo

Do you accept anyone as a partner?

Our brand reputation is important to us. We only work with honest, reputable, reliable, and licensed locksmiths. There are too many locksmiths that give the industry a bad name and we are not looking to work with them. We will not consider anyone that has a low BBB rating or tons of bad reviews online.

Can I continue to operate under current business name?

Yes – you may choose to continue to operate under your current business name or do business as 1-800-Locksmith (your city).

What happens if someone calls from a cellular phone?

Our advanced call routing technology can locate a caller using a cellular phone based on the location of the cell phone tower that is closest to them.

What does it cost?

1-800-Locksmith is not a franchise or lead generation service. You will never pay a percentage of your income or pay per lead. We charge an affordable flat monthly licensing fee. Monthly fees depend on the size of your market. Please contact for a free quote.